CompoundEye CT: Innovative Compound-eye Bionic Technology;

High Resolution Presentation; To Explore a World of Difference

Fast/Efficient /Sensitive /Perceptive

Leading CT Scanning into the Era of High Speed and High Resolution

To Care for Human Health

  • Sixth Generation CT

    CompoundEye CT is the sixth generation CT with breakthrough technology,without slip ring

  • Compound-eye Bionic Technology

    Integrating photon stream detector array group and scanning ray source array group to realize compound-eye bionic technology

  • A New & Revolutionary Upgrade to the Scanning Standard

    High-sensitivity Detection and High-resolution imaging with lower patient dose

clinical application

Clinical Application

  • Precise Treatment of Tumors

    Personalized treatment plan

    Surgical planning

    Precise assessment of the treatment process

  • Precise Guidance for Orthopedic and Neurosurgical Surgery

    Improvement of the control accuracy of surgical robots based on precise pre-operative imaging evaluation

  • Improvement of AI Application Capabilities

    Improvement of sensitivity & accuracy of AI because of the increased resolution

Coronary Stent Images

Coronary Stent Images

The following images of coronary stent taken by CompoundEye CT show clear structure of the coronary stent, and also enable clear clinical evaluation of in-stent restenosis.

Fish Images

Fish Images