advocating practice better than words

pragmatic & hardworking attitude, and passionate about what we are doing & thinking

we are constantly striving for self-improvement

with a dream and mission for the welfare and healthy life of human beings

we continue to work on innovation to see more and learn more

in order to create advanced technology to provide better service for human beings

Thisis notjust a job,

but really a career for the welfare and healthy life of the people all over the world


are all partners, comrades in arms, and family with same values.

Here in Nanovision, your talents and efforts will be recognized.


Joining NANOVISION, you will enjoy many benefits, including:

Social Insurance & Housing Fund, Annual Paid Leave, Commercial Insurance, Birthday & Holiday Gift, Working Lunch, Various Snacks, Medical Examination, Various Internal & External Training Courses, etc.

  • Social Insurance & Housing Fund

  • Annual Paid Leave

  • Commercial Insurance

  • Holiday Gift

  • Birthday Gift

  • Various Snacks

  • Working Lunch

  • Medical Examination

  • Internal Training Courses

  • External Training Courses

Anything else you need?

More will be updated in the near future ...

Looking forward to you joining NANOVISION

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