Medical Software Solutions

Rich R&D experience in radiology imaging & software algorithm

New software R&D technology to quickly & accurately achieve software customization

Dedicated to create complete medical software solutions

To Create Innovation Unparalleled

nvDR Software

Console software of general DR systems

Focused on X-ray inspection on different parts of the body

Compatible with the current mainstream static flat panel detectors & high voltage generators

Advanced Nanovision iHDR image enhancement technology to acquire clearer images

nvDRF Dynamic Software

System software for DRF and C-arms, fully applicable to conventional DRF & C-arms

With the hardware synchronization box independently developed by Nanovsion, compatible with conventional CCD detectors, dynamic flat-panel detectors and high-voltage generators

Advanced image processing functions such as iHDR, iHDR-RT, DSA, CBCT, dynamic recursive noise reduction, to acquire superior image contrast and clearer details

With GPU acceleration, the iHDR-RT can achieve a real-time dynamic image enhancement of 30fps

nvPET Software

DR system console software for scanning animals

Compatible with the current mainstream flat panel detectors & high voltage generators

With iHDR image enhancement technology

Specific photographic parameters and post-processing enhance parameters for the animal

More convenient to acquire images for different animals and animal posture protocol