RSNA 2020|Multi-source Static CT Technology: CompoundEye 24 Micro CT


On Nov. 29, 2020, the world’s greatest radiological annual meeting 106th RSNA was open online. The RSNA president James P Borgstede,MD gave an opening speech.

This year @ RSNA 2020, it is the fourth time for Nanovision Technology attending RSNA; In addition, it is the first time for Nanovision Technology to promote the Latest product: CompoundEye 24 Micro CT.

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To See the Unseen; To Explore Possibility

CompoundEye 24 Micro CT adopts Double-ring structure without slip ring. The Double-ring structure includes the photon stream detectors ring & the X-ray sources ring (24 X-ray tubes arranged in a ring); 0.165mm ultra-thin slice, 64 times beyond the limitation of current CT technology; The largest 83cm aperture in the industry can meet more clinical imaging challenges. This product can be applied to multiple clinical application scenarios in the future.

Nanovision Technology’s revolutionary Sixth-generation Multi-source Static CT technology without slip ring is the first to realize multi-angle high-speed alternate scanning without slip ring in the world. This revolutionary innovation also attracted the attention of the media in the industry. Reports say,

“The theory of static CT occurred long time ago and is widely concerned in the industry. However, Nanovision Technology is the only company to apply the theory to product, and also the only company in the world to apply the theory to medical practical application.”

“Professor Cao HD, a famous expert, once affirmed Static CT in his article: The Static CT equipped with the world’s first photon stream detectors has been successfully developed. Compared with the spiral CT, its spatial resolution and temporal resolution are greatly improved, plus multi-energy-spectrum ability. Thus, more detailed anatomical structure can be presented.”



Although RSNA 2020 is held on line, Nanovision Technology’s profession remains the same to communicate with the visitors actively and effectively; it is RSNA’s first ever all-virtual annual meeting, but the enthusiasm of the participants, from the global radiology community, the world's top medical institutions, and so on, remains the same. It is easier for them to talk with Nanovision Technology on line to learn more information about the unique Multi-source Static CT technology and CompoundEye 24 Micro CT. 



If it happens in the world of medical imaging, it happens at RSNA first. 

As the leader of Static CT technology & product, Nanovision Technology has dedicated to the creation of the new generation of ultra-high-end CT all the time to unveil pathological CT image details never seen.

A vision for tomorrow:To See the Future of CT.